Coaching Career Summary
Transylvania University, 2010-2012
Recruiting Coordinator, Pitching Coach

Lexington Hustlers, 2010-2012
G.M., Asst. Coach- Pitchers, 2010
G.M., Asst. Coach- Hitters, 2011
G.M., Asst. Coach- Pitchers, 2012

Baylor University, 2014-2015
Asst. Coach- Outfielders and Hitters, 2014
Asst. Coach- Pitchers, 2015

Eastern Kentucky University, 2015-present
Asst. Coach- Pitchers

Player Development

2011- 8 All-HCAC performers, 1 Academic All-Conference
2012- 9 All-HCAC, 2 Academic All-Conference
2013- 8 All-Big 12, 11 Academic All-Conference (led Big 12)
2014- 3 All-Big 12, 12 Academic All-Conference (led Big 12)
2015- 6 All-Big 12, 12 Academic All-Conference (led Big 12)
2016- 2 All-OVC, 2 All-Americans, ABCA Academic Excellence Award (1 of 36 NCAA DI schools)
2017- 3 All-OVC, 1 All-American, ABCA Academic Excellence Award (1 of 18 NCAA DI schools to earn award back-to-back years)

All-Conference (39)

2011– Drew Zuckerman, Ben Kuebbing, John Doering, Thomas Tolliver, Johnny Renz, Taylor Bugh, Chris Bloch, Danny Niehaus
2012– Sam Liggett, Ken Riley, Zach Bynum, Johnny Renz, Taylor Bugh, Zach Muench, Chris Bloch, Shelby Dixon, Danny Niehaus
2013– Cal Towey, Nate Orf, Lawton Langford, Crayton Bare, Max Garner, Jake Miller, Dillon Newman, Grayson Porter
2014– Josh Michalec, Adam Toth, Daniel Castano
2015– Logan Brown, Daniel Castano, Adam Toth, Drew Tolson, Duncan Wendel, Kameron Esthay
Eastern Kentucky
2016– Kyle Nowlin, Mandy Alvarez
2017– Ben Fisher, Alex Holderbach, Nick Howie

In the pros (24)

Sam Kidd- Philadelphia Phillies (39th round, 2009)
Cameron Conner- Kansas City Royals (20th, 2010)
Ronald Cotton- Chicago White Sox (45th, 2010)
Casey Luchesse- Chicago Cubs (39th, 2010)
Tyler Oliver- Washington Nationals (35th, 2010)
Dave Middendorf- Kansas City Royals (22nd, 2011)
Gardner Adams- Atlanta Braves (36th, 2011)
J.T. Riddle- Miami Marlins (13th, 2013)
Dillon Newman- Houston Astros (16th, 2013)
Cal Towey- L.A. Angels of Anaheim (17th, 2013)
Max Garner- Miami Marlins (18th, 2013)
Jake Miller- Arizona Diamondbacks (27th, 2013)
Crayton Bare- Los Angeles Dodgers (28th, 2013)
Ian Tompkins- Kansas City Royals (14th, 2014)
Josh Michalec- Colorado Rockies (21st, 2014)
Brett Doe- Minnesota Twins (38th, 2014)
Nathan Orf- Milwaukee Brewers (NDFA, 2014)
Brad Kuntz- Milwaukee Brewers (NDFA, 2015)
Mandy Alvarez- New York Yankees (17th, 2016)
Daniel Castano- St. Louis Cardinals (19th, 2016)
Kyle Nowlin- Oakland Athletics (21st, 2016)
Ben Fisher- Miami Marlins (19th, 2017)
Kameron Esthay- Washington Nationals (26th, 2017)
West Tunnell- Arizona Diamondbacks (NDFA, 2017)


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